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Welcome to Cirrus8 Ltd, proud developers of the IRIS bespoke media management system and keen enthusiasts of the endless possibilities available in the new age of smart phone integration and digital advertising

With so many media management systems on the market, how does IRIS differ from the competition?

Quite simply because it has been designed with you in mind and can be easily transformed to meet your exact requirements and adapt to a constantly changing industry.

With many years in the sector working with some of the top industry names, we have gained considerable experience in why, what and how and created a bespoke platform that simply ticks all the boxes.

Core Benefits of the IRIS System


Have a controlled workflow that allows you to set how you work


Set run times, dates and media expiry. Also set media within playlists and again control run times, dates and expiry if needed

Media Review

Review media uploaded by streaming from the cloud

Cloud Sync

Indirectly load media via the cloud with the option to synchronise media players individually or by campaign groups and at a time that suits your network

Snap Shots

View recent snap shots of what has been displayed

Instant Update

Instantly view media player condition with the ability to remotely power on and off