Simple and easy dashboard

Provides all of the information you need at a glance providing media player locations, media and playlists either by player or campaign groups



Load as much media and as many devices as you require. Group them by campaign or use locations for easy updates. Future proof with bolt on features added as the industry changes.


Other modules available

Face interpretation

  • see who is looking at the media and download reports providing information on gender, age group, time they viewed the media and which one was playing.
  • Automatically adjust media to display either the most viewed or randomly select media pre-selected for the audience.


Face interpretation software is non-intrusive and conforms to current UK legislation


  • Automatically generate QR codes per campaign or advertisement
  • Media streaming facilities
  • Auto stream to individual or groups of screens (subject to network ability)
  • Media player streaming
  • Stream from a single media player to multiple screens


Adaptable to any requirement

  • Split the screen as you wish and run multiple advertising layouts including ability to live stream such as Twitter, RSS feeds etc.
  • Interactive solutions using touchscreen and mobile integration
  • Smart phone integration by campaign
  • Auto messaging based on location
  • Online payment systems


Guaranteed results

With the ability to control all devices remotely, you are in control of everything from your chair, anywhere in the world with internet access. Use the monitoring and face interpretation modules to evaluate your campaign success and to provide a clear ROI.



Setup user and admin profiles to control access restrictions and limit errors. Preload and preview media before submitting. All cloud based data is controlled through Amazon EC2 dedicated servers with each user having a dedicated password entry that you set so you can maintain complete control at all times.

Core Benefits of the IRIS System


Have a controlled workflow that allows you to set how you work


Set run times, dates and media expiry. Also set media within playlists and again control run times, dates and expiry if needed

Media Review

Review media uploaded by streaming from the cloud

Cloud Sync

Indirectly load media via the cloud with the option to synchronise media players individually or by campaign groups and at a time that suits your network

Snap Shots

View recent snap shots of what has been displayed

Instant Update

Instantly view media player condition with the ability to remotely power on and off